Arion Energy, LLC is proud to be a part of a new energy future. We are dedicated to developing successful residential, commercial and utility scale wind, biogas and solar projects throughout North America. Through positive relationships with land and feedstock owners, Arion Energy secures site control for wind, solar and feedstock rights. Arion and its partners are capable of taking projects through all the stages of development to become feasible providers of clean, renewable energy.

Arion abides by a resourceful business model providing a solid capital base for aggressive expansion and development. Our company prides itself in reducing our nation’s dependency on fossil fuels, while creating a dependable economic base for our agricultural communities. Arion Energy is proud to be part of a new energy future. Currently, we have over 25 projects under various stages of development with generation capacity of 1MW to 300MW in over 15 States in the United States. We are always looking for new development opportunities around the country so if you’re interested in learning about how renewable energy can help your future please contact us.

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Solar power is the most widely used source of renewable energy. It is easily deployed by personal and business landowners. Give us a call to find out how we can help you.

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We blend the benefits of a small, individually focused wind developer with the financial stability of a large development company. Click below to get the facts about wind energy.

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As caring for our planet is becoming top priority BioGas allows for a non-polluting solution to generate energy from our common waste products. It also reduces landfills and the greenhouse effect.  

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